Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lahsun Achar

Lahsun (garlic) Achar  ( लहसुन आचार )

250 gm lahsun (Garlic)
500 gm unripe mango 
2 spoon saunf
2 spoon mustered seed
2 spoon methi
1 spoon dhania
1/4th spoon heeng
1 spoon chili (kuta) powder
2 spoon haldi (dry grinded)
1 spoon jeera
1/2 spoon kalunji (कालुंजी)
1/2 spoon ajwain
salt according to taste
200 ml Mustered oil


Wash mango with water , wipe out water , then peel of  mango , kadookus in small pieces.
Peel of the Lahsun 
Mix lahsun , kadookus mango ,salt, heeng and haldi and put in steel pot , keep this in sunlight 2 or 3 days so that water gets removed.
Take  saunf, methi , jeera , dahnia,  in a pan and fry dry on mild flame and then add kalonji ajwain ot it
Grind this masala with mustered seed in a grindner add kuti  chilli to it.
Add this grinded masla to, lahsun and mango mixture add little mustered oil, sabut saunf , kalonji and ajwain, and keep this mixture again for 2-3 days in sun light
Now put this finally prepared mixture in GLASS pot and and add mustered oil in sufficient amount. 
Keep it in sun light for 2 - 3 days,  It is ready to serve.

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